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Collagen Boost Skin Roller

Collagen Boost Skin Roller

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What is a Derma Roller?  

A popular beauty tool with a small roller containing hundreds of tiny sharp points. Used by gently rolling on the skin to exfoliate plus reveal younger appearing skin.

For years, the derma roller has been the "MUST HAVE" beauty tool used by tons of skin care & beauty bloggers. If you have not heard about the derma roller or at least the term derma rolling, then your skin has been missing out. Learn more in sections below...

Highlights & More

For All Skin Types

Superior Quality

Painless Exfoliation

Collagen Boosting

Easy to Clean

100% Satisfaction Guarantee -we stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee on every Watts Beauty skin care line purchase, so your skin loves it, or we buy it back – it is that simple.

How to Use

Directions: Roll lightly across face in multiple directions to ensure that all skin areas are included. Do not push down hard as this does not increase effectiveness and will only cause skin irritation.

For Maximum Results: follow rolling with a peptide serum, then/or a pure hyaluronic acid serum. Apply our Ultra Pure Argangold or our Marine Algae Beauty Oil.

TIP 1: Use a peptide complex serum before rolling then apply a pure hydrating hyaluronic serum followed by our Ultra Argan Oil or Marine Algae Beauty Oil after derma rolling.


Using our peptide complex serum prior to derma rolling helps plump up the skin, allowing maximum contact with the roller.

TIP 2: Applying a hydrating hyaluronic serum after derma rolling rehydrates so that the natural renewal process continues at the much quicker pace of much younger skin. Apply a hydrating serum with every use to retain and attract moisture, keeping skin supple.

TIP 3: As a last step, apply a pure, natural moisturizer such as Ultra Argan Oil to help protect, nourish and speed up the repair process after using a derma roller. The quicker the skin repairs, the faster you will see results.

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