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Our Beauty Mission Goes Beyond the Surface, How?

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Empowering others beyond the surface of great skin


No selling or waiting for payouts. Besides the fact that you earn 25%-50% of every referred order, sharing is a heck of a lot of fun. Simply give people what they already love, clean beauty skincare by sharing "exclusive to you" coupons with your friends and family like 2 for 1 Deals, Free $49 Gift with purchase offers and more. Earn cash every time someone uses one of your coupons. Referral commissions paid daily via PayPal or in-store credits.

Being part of our program allows you the opportunity to give your friends and family exclusive gifts, coupons and more, earn some cash all while helping us empower survivors. It's a win, win, win...


This year we decided to redirect $563K+ to our customers. We pay this in fees every year to large online retailers to list and sell our skincare line. As fees continue to rise, the only ones gaining are the huge marketplaces while we have less and less to fund our shelters for domestic violence survivors and customer discounts. Become part of a program that is effective where it matters most, in people's lives.


Watts Beauty is more than just another skincare brand. Our beyond the surface mission celebrates the beauty of every woman, inside and out. Since 2005, we been empowering women with confidence from formulas that enhance natural radiance, while also supporting shelters that educate and empower the strong survivors of domestic violence around the world. When you buy from Watts Beauty, you're not only treating yourself to high-quality formulas, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly skincare, but you're also making a difference in the lives of others. Join us in our inner-outer beauty mission and discover the Watts Beauty difference today!


Our referral program is exclusive to our customers. Current customers can simply email us a request for a "share link code" to receive your unique coupon to share and earn cash. We connect your unique coupon to your email, which automatically emails you a ship notification for each referred sale. Commissions are paid daily via PayPal or in store credits.

If you are not a current customer, simply place an order using the PayPal email address that you want to receive commissions to and this 15% Off CouponThis will sign you up and we will then email your share link code when your order ships. 

If you prefer to have a dashboard to view all referrals and be paid a lower 12% commission monthly by a 3rd party, simply send us a request to join our ShareaSale program. The decreased referral commission accounts for the fees charged by platforms to provide their services.



Watts Beauty was founded in 2005 by two medical professionals, Terri & Lily. Although complete opposites, we were connected by our passion for helping others. After decades, we embraced a new challenge to boost team confidence by finding solutions for the surface side effects of the dry skin and puffy eyes of the team due to the extremely long hours and constant hand washing demanded of critical care professionals. Little did we know that we were starting much more than a skin care company. Our inner - outer beauty approach by combining effective, plant based skin care along with sponsoring programs that educate & empower survivors of domestic violence equals a skin care company that goes beyond the surface in providing strong women with the confidence and self worth that they need to see their own inner beauty beam of light to shine onto others. "Without a beaming light of inner beauty, it doesn't really matter how great your skin looks in the dark" quoted by Terri Watts (Founder & Domestic Violence Survivor). Learn more here...

 If you are not a current customer, simply place an order using the PayPal email address where you want to receive commissions and this 15% Off CouponThis will sign you up and we will then email your share link code when your order ships. 

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