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1. What are Shipping Costs & Transit Times?
Free ground shipping on all orders $35 & up.
Free 3 day shipping on orders $69 & Up.

$4.49 standard shipping on orders less than $35
$11.49 Express 3 day shipping on orders less than $69

2. What are Return and Refund Policies?
We stand behind our satisfaction guarantee.
If your skin doesn't love it, we will refund or exchange it for something it will...

3. Need Help Deciding?
We know that selecting a new skin care product can be confusing and exhausting. We hope to save you some time and energy with a few tips.

Always start with the basics of exfoliating, hydrating, moisturizing, collagen boosting and sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen is a MUST, not an option...

When starting a new routine, focus on your biggest skin concern first and find a product that targets that specific concern. Addressing your skins main concern helps to prepare your skin for next steps in optimizing your routine.

Have a current routine that's not quite giving you the results expected?
Sometimes simply changing the order in which you apply your skin care products can make all the difference in getting the most out of each step.

The optimal order of application is to always apply skin care products from thinnest to thickest. More specifically, apply active serums first, pure hyaluronic acid serums second, followed by creams, then oils.

Still need guidance or have a skin care routine question, feel free to email us your questions, help@WattsBeautyUSA.com or call us, 1-800-580-5106

4. Why Choose Watts Beauty?
That's simple - an effective, affordable and clean beauty skin care line.
Bonus, Watts Beauty was founded by two medical professionals whose
passions are helping others. Caring about the customers, the pure ingredients,
the environment and our inner-outer beauty mission is simply second nature.


5. What is the Difference Between Watts Beauty & Other Skin Care Brands?
There are many good skin care products on the market. Watts Beauty exceeds good with effective yet affordable, premium plant based formulas for a skin care
line that offers results without the harsh side effects and chemical filled
options that flood the shelves. Results minus the chemicals or cruelty.


6. How can Watts Beauty be so affordable and compare to high end brands?
Watts Beauty started as a skin care line for professionals. Very quickly, this grew into tons of requests for private label skin care lines for spas, clinic, estheticians and more. Fulfilling this demand enables us to purchase raw ingredients in very large quantities and we simply pass these saving to our retail customers.

Plus, Watts Beauty skin care prides itself on the actual optimized formula
of ingredients blended into each formula, not the fancy retail packaging.

This means that your hard earned money is not spent on fancy retail
packaging. In Addition, instead of Watts Beauty increasing prices to
cover the cost of a huge marketing budget, we prefer to give back
to our loyal customers with referral programs and discount coupons.

Word of Mouth is Our Best Press...