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Top 5 Ways to a Youthful Appearance


Skin care is more than just focusing on what you see. The products that you use on your skin along with your dietary intake and your lifestyle are all important factors when it comes to skincare. 

Top 5 Ways to Maintain a More Youthful Appearance

  • 1 - HYDRATE

It is very important to stay hydrated. Drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water each day will not only benefit your body’s organs but it will also help improve your skin’s appearance. In fact, patting your skin dry will allow it to remain damp for that extra touch of hydration (not to mention it’s gentler on your face than rubbing it dry). Products containing hyaluronic acid can also help hydrate your skin. 


Morning and night are key times to cleanse. Besides helping you wake up and look fresh, that morning cleanse removes dead skin cells from your skin regenerating overnight. A cleanse before bed helps remove pollution that your skin was exposed to throughout the day. Choose a facial cleansing product for your skin type. Cleansers for problem skin, dry or mature skin is more beneficial than a regular soap product since these are formulated for a particular skin type.  And remember to pat dry your skin or let it air dry, no rubbing please.


Applying a moisturizer is helpful for all skin types (yes, even oily skin). When applying skincare products, use upward strokes on your face. You want to fight gravity and not further help it along with downward strokes. Serums, lotions and even hybrid creams (light creams that absorb like a serum while fortifying and nourishing the lipid barrier) can be used to moisturize. It is recommended to apply serums during the day and lotions at bedtime. The ingredients from these products tend to better absorb when your skin is damp. Another tip that I’d like to pass along is to add several drops of ultra argan oil to your hand and body lotions. This is especially helpful if the lotions are more water based (water would be listed as the first ingredient). This works great for those areas that may be extra dry such as your elbows, arms, legs and feet. 


Regardless of your skin tone, minimizing sun exposure and applying sunscreen should be staples in your skincare routine to help minimize the damaging effects that the sun’s UV rays can have on your skin. The sun is an important source for vitamin D however excess exposure may lead to extra dryness, wrinkles and discoloration of the skin. Sunscreen should be applied to exposed areas of your body. Your face, neck and upper chest area are key target areas to apply sunscreen. Your arms and the tops of your hands are areas that often time are not thought of when it comes to  protecting skin with sunscreen. Sunburns have a damaging effect on skin cells so preventative measures should always be taken, meaning sunscreen is not an option, it is essential in keeping skin looking younger, longer. There are both chemical (lotions) and physical (reflective minerals in mineral make ups) that deflect the sun, use one or both.


Fruits and vegetables are loaded with natural nutrients for your body and your skin (for example, the Vitamin C that is contained in citrus fruits). Following the recommended portions of your daily food consumption is a win-win inside and out. Vitamin C is a key component to skin brightening but when taken by supplement or ingested in food, very little vitamin c ever makes it to the skin. Which is why it is so important to topically apply serums infused with potent ingredients vitamin c & l-arginine that both refresh and protect, revealing a more youthful, glowing appearance that lasts. 

*Avoid smoking and alcohol. These contributing factors decrease the rich oxygen content that gives our skin a healthy, pink glow, encourages moisture loss, speeds up collagen loss, thins skin making it vulnerable to disease and damages the waste filter (the liver) therefore leaving high levels of waste in our cells, all leading to dry, leathery skin and more wrinkled appearance.

Remember that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. Many times we primarily focus on the skin because that is what is visible and more noticeable. Your skin will benefit from an overall healthy lifestyle and following a skincare routine. Use products that are specific to your skin type or concern. Protect and properly care for this beautiful and amazing cloth that covers you from head to toe…your skin!

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