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Our Beauty Mission Goes Beyond the Surface, How?

Top 5 Ways to a Youthful Appearance


Plus, we reveal our teams secret $3 cleanser. Yes, there are tons of low-cost, effective skin care items to easily amp up any skin care routine.

Top 5 Ways to Maintain a More Youthful Appearance

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Skin care is more than just focusing on what you see on the surface. Your skin care routine along with diet and lifestyle are all important factors in revealing your skins best appearance.


    Morning and night are key times to cleanse.

    Besides waking up looking refreshed, that morning cleanse rids the surface of dead skin cells that regenerated overnight - making way for your favorite serums to sink right in for best results. Be sure not to complicate cleansing. While there are many facial cleansers out there, keep in mind that cleansing should be quick and not contain harsh ingredients that can cause imbalances in the skins PH which will then need to be adjusted by adding a toner - keep it simple and minimize as many unnecessary steps as possible.

    Also, don't waste money on those expensive cleansers. These are on your face for literally seconds with no time for any costly ingredients to even be effective. A little secret, the entire Watts Beauty team uses the less than $3 Dove Beauty Bar for daily cleansing. A cleanse before bed helps remove pollutions that your skin was exposed to throughout the day.

    If you still insist on a liquid cleanser, choose a facial cleanser for your skin type. Cleansers for sensitive skin, problem skin and dry or mature skin are more beneficial as these are formulated for specific skin types. But again, the Dove Beauty Bar is a favorite amongst our team which includes top beauty cosmetic dermatologists, scientists, formulators, chemists & estheticians.


      No, these are not the same. Often mistaken for the same action, hydrate and moisturize have two very different functions. Hydrating refers to the increase in the volume of water in the skin (best achieved with serums) while moisturizing refers to applying topical, emollient based lotions, hybrid creams, night creams or oils that condition and beautify the skins surface by locking in moisture and nutrients which also helps protect the skin from daily exposure to damaging elements.

      Let's start with why it is particularly important to hydrate. Drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water each day will not only benefit your body’s organs by way of flushing out the toxins that were filtered overnight through your kidneys, but it will also help improve your skin’s appearance. Besides drinking water, topically applying hydrators and always allowing your skin to air dry helps skin stay more supple by adding that extra volume of hydration (not to mention it’s gentler on your face than rubbing it dry). Products containing hyaluronic acid (also known as the ultimate hydrator) keeps skin looking more plump and supple revealing a more youthful appearance.

      Since water and oil do not mix, the order in which you apply serums and lotions matter. So once you have applied your serums, follow them with a nourishing hybrid cream, night cream, lotion or oil for maximum effect. Applying a moisturizer is helpful for all skin types (yes, even oily skin). When applying skincare products, use upward strokes on your face. You want to fight gravity and not further help it along with downward strokes. Creams, lotions and even hybrid creams (light creams that absorb like a serum while fortifying and nourishing the surface) can be used to moisturize. It is recommended to apply serums during the day and creams at night. The ingredients from these products tend to better absorb when your skin is damp. Another tip that I’d like to pass along is to add several drops of ultra argan oil to your hand and body lotions. This is especially helpful if the lotions are more water based (water would be the first ingredient). This works great for those areas that may be extra dry such as your elbows, arms, legs and feet. 

      3 - EXFOLIATE
        Exfoliating is one of the most important steps in any skin care routine and surprisingly, it is the most skipped step. Leaving the daily oil, dirt, makeup and environmental elements on your skin not only causes clogged pores and irritation but it prevents important ingredients from your favorite beauty serums from getting to where they need too in order to provide optimal results. Maximize results by applying all of your skin care favorites to a clean surface, clear of oils and daily build up with our Clear & Smooth leave-on Glycolic Serum or our weekly Pumpkin & Papaya - Fruit Enzyme Mask. Plus amp up your routine by using a Epi-Derm Roller to exfoliate and boost natural collagen.


        4 - SUNSCREEN
          Regardless of your skin tone, minimizing sun exposure and applying sunscreen should be staples in your skincare routine to help minimize the damaging effects that the sun’s UV rays can have on your skin. The sun is an important source for vitamin D however excess exposure may lead to extra dryness, wrinkles, discoloration and premature skin aging caused by the sun, photodamage*. 

          Sunscreen should be applied to all exposed areas of your body. Your face, neck and upper chest area are key target areas to apply sunscreen. Your arms and the tops of your hands are areas that often times are not thought of when it comes to protecting skin with sunscreen. Sunburns have a damaging effect on skin cells so preventative measures should always be taken, meaning sunscreen is not an option, it is ESSENTIAL in keeping skin looking younger, longer. The fastest way to kickstart an anti-aging skin care routine is by adding a sunscreen. The fastest way to minimize the results is to omit sunscreen. There are both chemical (sunscreen lotions) and physical (reflective minerals in Mineral Makeup Powders) that deflect the sun, use one or both.


            Fruits and vegetables are loaded with natural nutrients for your body and your skin (for example, the Vitamin C that is contained in citrus fruits). Following the recommended portions of your daily food consumption is a win-win inside and out. Vitamin C is a key component to skin brightening but when taken by supplement or ingested in food, very little vitamin c ever makes it to the skin. Which is why it is so important to topically apply serums infused with the ingredients Vitamin C & L-Arginine, that both refresh and protect, revealing a more youthful, glowing appearance that lasts. In addition, amino acids and proteins play important roles in changing skin as we age. Besides consuming collagen, amino acids and proteins, applying Collagen Peptides topically is an important step for younger looking skin.

            *Avoid smoking and alcohol. These contributing factors decrease the rich oxygen content that normally gives skin a healthy, pink glow, encourages moisture loss, speeds up collagen loss, thins skin making it more vulnerable to disease and damages the waste filters (the liver & kidneys) therefore leaving high levels of waste, all leading to dry, leathery skin and a more wrinkled appearance.

            Remember that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. Many times we primarily focus on the skin because that is what is visible and more noticeable. Your skin will benefit from an overall healthy lifestyle and following a skincare routine. Use products that are specific to your skin type or concern. Protect and properly care for this beautiful and amazing cloth that covers you from head to toe, your skin!

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            *Photodamage Article

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