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Blemish Prone Skin

Have adult, hormonal or random blemishes?

Watch this short, informative four minute video on what a dermatologist recommends for adult or hormonal blemish prone skin. Enjoy quick tips and learn a few absolute NO, NO's when it comes to taking care of blemish prone skin. While oily skin can lead to blemishes, hormones, diet changes and other changes are also responsible for many of those POP UP blemishes.


TIP #1: Free your skin of daily build-up with the use of chemical exfoliants like a gentle Glycolic Serum and/or and Fruit Enzyme Mask then apply a skin barrier cream or other soothing moisturizer to help calm irritated and blemished skin.


TIP #2: Blemish prone skin is most times worsened by the over use of drying peels, rough exfoliants & scrubs that leave the skin super dry and irritated which in turn signals the oil glands to produce even more oil. To help prevent this over zealous oil production, simply apply a few drops of a natural oil, such as our ultra argan oil or marine algae beauty oil to soothe and nourish the skin after cleansing. Most acne - blemished skin sufferers that add this tiny step are pleasantly surprised by the decrease in oiliness and blemishes plus enjoy less irritated - inflamed skin.

TIP #3: Retinol is not only a natural collagen booster that gives skin a smoother appearance, it is also an excellent clearing exfoliator. If you have oily - combination skin, a retinol serum works best. You can also use the retinol serum on small areas of targeted concerns. If you have dry - combination skin, a retinol cream works best.



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