Why Try Watts Beauty?

We know that you have tons of choices when it comes to selecting your skin care products.

Watts Beauty believes that the best products for your skin are simply the ones that work and not necessarily the most expensive serums or using as many products as possible. If something is working for your skin, then absolutely keep using it.

We aren't trying to change your entire skin care routine or encourage you to switch from the favorite serums and creams that you absolutely love. We offer solutions that both that help amplify results while simplifying your routine.

Watts Beauty wants you to enjoy your skin care routine, not be exhausted or frustrated by it.

That's why we formulated our advanced skin care line to provide optimal results while using the least number of products possible by creating formulas that enhance each others effectiveness while maximizing the results of your other skin care brand favorites. You get to keep using your favorites plus save money and time with Watts Beauty.

Watts Beauty was originally launched by professionals for professionals.

Our proven ingredient formulas are the same formulas used in high end medi-spas, by estheticians, by large numbers of private label brands and many more. We know this because we private label our formulas for them. From professional size formulas for use in office before, during and after skin care procedures as well as individual packaged retail serums for customer use at home.


Our customers save 50% or more on every purchase of our large "No Frills Refills" options. It all started with the extreme popularity of our Peptide Complex Serum. Originally formulated for facial fine lines and wrinkles, clients began to see improvement in skin firmness, tightening and toning of the loose, crepey skin on other areas of their body such as the neck, chest, back of arms, legs and hands. Some even love it for lip lines. So we answered the demand for larger bottles by launching our economy size "No Frills Refills" option. These refill sizes save you money while minimizing packaging impact on the earth.


We know that making changes to your current routine or even starting a new one can be confusing to down right exhausting. From knowing in which order to apply your favorite serums and creams to obtain optimal results to which ingredients should always but more importantly, which ingredients should never be applied together, these are just a few tips that will hugely impact your results. This is why our clients love the guidance from skin care consultants.


Contact us for your free skin care consultation today - guidance from personal skin care tips to expert routines