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Watts Beauty Advanced Skin Care Goes Beyond the Surface

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Who Are We?

Watts Beauty was founded in 2005 by 2 medical professionals, Terri & Lily. Although complete opposites, we were connected by our passion for helping others. After decades, we embraced a new challenge to boost team confidence by finding solutions for the surface side effects of the dry skin and puffy eyes of the team due to the extremely long hours and constant hand washing demanded of critical care professionals. Little did we know that we were starting much more than a skin care company. Our inner - outer beauty approach by combining effective, plant based skin care along with sponsoring programs that educate & empower survivors of domestic violence equals a skin care company that goes beyond the surface in providing strong women with the confidence and self worth that they need to see their own inner beauty beam of light to shine onto others. "Without a beaming light of inner beauty, it doesn't really matter how great your skin looks in the dark" quoted by Terri Watts (Founder & Domestic Violence Survivor)


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