About The Founder

About the Founder

Founder, Terri Watts, has been a caregiver her entire life. When she lost one of her parents to cancer at an early age, it motivated her to become a respiratory therapist and she ironically went to work in the same cancer center where she lost her parent to Leukemia in 1991. Serendipitously, this is also where she met her wonderful husband 12 years later.

Working long hours in critical care units was stressful and wreaks havoc on both the mind & the body. These long hours caused dark under eye circles among other physical ailments. This set her and a friend out on a journey for an under eye cream to soothe the dark circles & puffiness. Sadly, the most popular under eye cream was sold for a whopping $85 for less than an ounce. Not the answer that she could afford without that nagging feeling of, did I really just pay that much for a cream???

That is when the thought of, hey, lets make an eye cream that works and that is affordable so that everyone can enjoy bright, fresh eyes all day long. After reading hundreds of ingredient labels, consulting many cosmetic scientists and selecting more natural, non harsh ingredients, an effective, yet affordable eye cream was born.

It's popularity among the hospital staff was amazing.

That eye cream became the first product to unknowingly launch the Watts Beauty Skin Care Line. The second came when an uncle asked for a treatment, other than the prescribed harsh steroids, for his sore, inflamed & flaky ankles, sometimes associated with diabetes. After researching and finding out that emu oil was used by the aborigines to treat their sunburn inflammation & scars, I researched and partnered with a USA supplier to get this product bottled for him. Healing his legs without the side effects of steroids was worth a million bucks to him. Then she thought, all of these burn patients could also benefit from a soothing, healing oil instead of the potent steroids and daily painful treatment of burned skin.

Terri continued working in the hospital as the demand for her expanding skin care line grew. Dividing her time between both careers was very hard to balance and picking one career over the other was not a choice she wanted to make. Then she meet her future husband while caring for his mother in the intensive care unit. After numerous idle chats, it all started from a simple desire to help him through his time of grief by offering a few moments of distraction (an innocent coffee break together) to help interrupt the monotony of his sadness of the unsettling illness of his mother, that was obviously weighing heavy on his heart. Thirteen years later and they recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Over the years, she witnessed patients with a similar diagnosis take two drastically different paths. Some patients were able to prolong their lives or even overcome the disease altogether while others that appeared to have identical files would pass prematurely. It seemed that the biggest difference between the two cases wasn't necessarily the prescribed remedy nor the early detection of the cancer. What seemed to differentiate the survivors from the rest of the group was simply the patient's attitude: Those that had a positive outlook seemed to tolerate the process with less complications.

We all know that when you look good, you feel good. Yet, whether you're living paycheck to paycheck and have zero discretionary income or if you're making millions, you shouldn't have to overpay for effective skin, hair and body care or teeth whitening products.

This philosophy is what inspired Terri Watts to develop the entire Watts Beauty skin care line. To create an effective beauty line, filled with quality, proven ingredients that were effective, yet affordable to everyone. Whether she's making cancer patients feel just a bit more respectable or brightening someone's day through a beauty compliment they received, Terri believes that natural beauty shouldn't cost you a fortune and that everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

All Watts Beauty products include natural ingredients are paraben free and are never tested on animals. All formulations are proudly made in a cGMP compliant, food grade laboratory in the USA.