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Hand Sanitizer

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Due to failure to come to an agreement on pricing their brand, we have terminated our partnership with this brand as it falls way outside of our own views.

The partner brand hand sanitizer instituted a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price Policy) after our agreement, therefore not allowing us to lower the price of their branded product.

We sincerely apologize for this unforeseen problem.

*More Importantly - We are looking for alternatives to provide you with these needed essentials and will update you as soon as we find a low price alternative. In the meantime good hygiene and social distancing matters most. 

Oh and don't forget about your pets - they can contract, carry and spread the virus and and become very ill. 

I have even placed my dog on social distancing as I did not want to risk bringing something home to my high risk husband. Being the social butterfly that she is, she normally enjoys tons of pets during our neighborhood walks.

Bambi isn't happy about social distancing as she holds my ipad in exchange for a social walk but like us, she will get through this.

*Please read the information below and follow the links for helpful tips to keep you safe. Info includes a few links on how to make your own hand and counter sanitizer.

Remember hand washing is the most effective but when unable to do so, keep hands off of face, mouth, nose & eyes.

But don't forget that counters, door knobs, remote controls and so much more can harbor viruses. It makes no sense to wash your hands after going to the market, just to bring all the bags in a place them on the counter. Please, please wipe down surfaces after shopping, after having company, even if it is your small social circle.


Remember it takes a storm to see a rainbow, hang in there...

Below are the links for home recipes for hand sanitizing.

HealthLines - Peroxide (Customer Suggested) and Other DIY Hand Sanitizers

Consumer Reports - Household items that can destroy coronavirus

Do you know someone that would find this email helpful, please forward this.

Again, our deepest apologies for the brand partnership mishap.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. Activate your next VIP coupon by clicking this code SHARE20VIP  or enter it during second page of checkout

Stay safe,

Terri Watts
Watts Beauty Founder

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