The Watts Beauty Story - More Details

At Watts Beauty our goal is to change as many lives as we can, both inside & out. 

Watts Beauty Founders & Associate - Terri - Lily & Jillian 

Founded in 2005 by two medical professionals, Terri & Lily

Although complete opposites, we were connected by our passion for helping others. While deeply rewarding, the long, sleep deprived days & constant hand washing started to show on the surface in the tired, puffy eyes and dry - irritated skin of most of our team. Unable to find effective, affordable remedies - we embraced the challenge of formulating solutions that would launch more than just an amazing skin care company.


Watts Beauty Advanced Skin Care - Amazing Boost Will Take Your Skin Care Routine to the NEXT LEVEL.


This new challenge led Terri & Lily down an exciting path of learning, researching & working with nine cosmetic scientists to finally formulate what would unknowingly become an empowering beauty line.


“I never imagined myself in the beauty industry,” says Terri.

“I grew up in a volatile, chaotic home as a tomboy wrestling, fishing and camping with my brothers.

"I never felt girly, pretty or soft.”

At 16, Terri became the full time caregiver to her terminally ill father, despite his anger & violent temper.

The valuable insight gained from this experience enabled Terri to recognize that time is precious & extremely unpredictable. After the early death of her father, she became a licensed medical professional devoted to helping patients find and focus on the positives in their situations.

Now running a skin care - beauty company, amazing skin care is only half of our mission.

“Our inner – outer beauty approach was born when I realized that we could sponsor fundraisers & contribute some of our profits to domestic violence programs that help survivors (like myself) learn the skills needed to become independent, realize their own self-worth and feel more beautiful from the inside out.” says Terri Watts

“Without a beaming light of inner beauty, it doesn’t matter how great your skin looks in the dark." – says Terri Watts (Co-Founder and Survivor)


Modeling for brand name jeans at just 19 years old, Lily had more confidence and beauty than anyone could ask for. But her true beauty is how she positively impacted the lives of those blessed to meet her.

“Lily never judged me from my rough exterior. She taught me that being or feeling beautiful doesn't come from perfect genes (no pun intended... LOL), a beauty cream or magic serum. She helped me to see that true beauty was expressed in the way that we cared for others." says Terri 

“Lily only sees the good in people and brings out the best in everyone with her friendly, infectious smile and warm, giving heart. She embraces life with her lighthearted, passionate personality and is one of the few, truly genuine people that I have ever met.” says Terri.

With a bond closer than most from working together in emergency rooms and critical care units,
Terri and Lily made the perfect team, balancing and teaching each other.

“I taught Lily how to use power tools, she taught me how to trust people,” says Terri

As their skin care company began to grow, Terri and Lily struggled with the notion of leaving the medical field that they had found so rewarding. With both women desiring to be a part of something that did more than just help with surface concerns, they wondered if they would find the same reward in skin care as they did in saving lives.

As letters, praise and thank you notes began pouring in from customers, they realized that they were still making a huge difference in people’s lives. The previous reservations never resurfaced and after 17+ years, they are absolutely all in...


Subject: “Thank You Watts Beauty” - Dr. Sheila Jordan Jones

"As a doctor that is now at home because of terminal cancer, I want you to let your customers know that Watts Beauty products WORK!!! I never imagined anything would help the look and feel of my diseased ravaged skin, but Watts products did! Thank you for making me feel a little more acceptable in public and when I look in the mirror! My respect and gratitude to you and your company. If you ever need a statement, let me know because I am in your corner 100%."