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About Watts Beauty Natural Skin Care Line for Results Without Harsh Chemicals

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 So What Exactly is the Watts Beauty Secret to Younger Looking Skin? Watch Video Below

Watts Beauty is growing rapidly to meet the demands of an actual effective, yet affordable skin care solution that offers results without harsh chemicals or side effects. We also offer TWICE the Size for Less. All serums are offered in dark bottles with precise pump tops to ensure protection from damaging light, air & to keep fingers out of the bottles keeping products fresher, longer.

Our proudest moments are NOT the launches of new products or being featured on TV or in popular beauty magazines. It's in the differences that we make in the lives of those feeling their least beautiful in difficult situations. Our give back & pay it forward missions help us make a difference, both inside and out.

Watts Beauty Combats More Than Signs of Aging.

Our Beauty line helps to STOP Domestic Violence by Donating to Shelters & Programs That Empower Women to Realize Their Own Beauty by Encouraging Confidence & Teaching Them the Skills That They Need to Obtain Independence & Self Respect. Purchasing from This FEE FREE Site Enables Us to Donate More Towards These Programs & Shelters, Empowering Many More Women.

Help prevent domestic violence by donating to shelters of domestic violence

A Personal Note from the Founder: Terri Watts

As a licensed medical professional, I sometimes wondered if I chose the right path into helping others feel more beautiful instead of continuing my journey of working in emergency rooms and critical care units, saving lives. While I do miss the camaraderie of health care teams, helping people in emergencies and the bonds built with my long term patients, I knew that I made the correct choice once I began receiving emails like the ones copied below. I simply want to help people feel more beautiful, to make a difference in people’s lives and to embrace the ability of paying it forward whenever I get the opportunity. A portion of proceeds of all Watts Beauty products is donated to several domestic violence shelters for women and children. Our donations enable the encouragement, education and training of these women in understanding the importance of independence and learning that feeling beautiful doesn't come from a beauty cream or magic serum. These women are beautiful inside, they just can't see it from the darkness that surrounds them. My goal is to change as many lives as I can, both inside and out.

More Info About the Founder

So What Exactly is the Watts Beauty Secret to Younger Looking Skin?

The Secret to the Watts Beauty Brand is that all Watts Beauty Serums & Creams are Formulated in the Most Popular Anti Aging Ingredient in the World, Hyaluronic Acid (HA). See Video Below

All products start as a HA and then other actives are blended into this hyaluronic base. Unlike heavy cream bases, the HA encourages the absorption of the active ingredients resulting in much quicker results. Watts Beauty formulas are blended to synergisticly work together, thereby turning 2 products into a power of 6 and so on.

HA is not a harsh acid as the name implies, it is actually a gooey substance that is already in many places in our bodies to include our joints and eyes. It keeps our skin supple, firm & smooth. It simply decreases as we age causing the fine lines, wrinkles, dry - aging skin. Watts Beauty Skin Care gives your skin the moisture it craves without smothering it with heavy creams and lotions.

While We Can't Reveal All Of Our Formula Secrets, This Guy Doesn't Hesitate in Sharing What He Believes the Secret Is & Why He Has Made it a Mandatory Part of His Newly Found Skin Care Routine.


*Truly a great company offering premium quality ingredients at affordable prices. I am 48 but people say that I look 35 - Beverly C. *Goodbye Clinique, Hello Watts Beauty - Susan A. *After seeing these peptides on Dr Oz, I had to give them a try. I am 70 years young and have used Watts Peptide Serum twice daily for a year. My skin feels and appears tighter and is glowing. I have received many compliments. I'm extremely happy with the results I am seeing daily with this product - Judy E.

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