Collection: Collagen Peptides


As skin ages, peptide proteins naturally form on the skin as combined proteins and amino acids to announce that it's time to make more collagen. These collagen boosting proteins are the fundamental building blocks of the skin. Starting as early as our twenties, this vital peptide response starts decreasing, starting the lower layer collagen loss and break down that we see decades later on the surface in fine lines and wrinkles. In short, peptides boost collagen synthesis, thereby giving skin what it needs most (more collagen) at any age. So whether you are in your twenties or in your seventies, the time to get SERIOUS about SKIN CARE is NOW.

 Including an optimized peptide complex serum in your skin care routine is necessary to give your skin the foundation that it needs to stand up and resist the effects of time. This peptide formula is made for professionals worldwide and is now available here.


Our ORIGINAL peptide formula is the perfect peptide serum for any skin care routine. Formulated for both the face & body, it is sure to become your favorite beauty serum to both maintain & regain your skins resilience and more youthful appearance.

Much more than a potent face serum, this formula is also a popular choice for areas such as the neck, chest and the thin, crepey skin on the back of the arms. Enjoy the appearance of firm, tone, tight skin by giving your skin the active ingredients it needs.



Well that depends on your skin concerns, your skins age and what specific skin issues you are trying to resolve.

Our peptide complex serum has been a favorite since 2005. It's firming, collagen boosting peptide blend is unique and works well on the FACE & BODY. So - if you are looking for a daily "MUST HAVE" firming serum for the face and or other areas of the body such as your upper chest, neck, jowls and/or back of arms, this is it.

If you are looking for more specific "FACIAL LINE TARGETING" peptides, we took some of your original favorites and optimized them with even more powerhouse actives to include firming, smoothing collagen boosters like the facial line targeting MATRIX TRIO in our Age Defy Face Serum. A TRIO of peptides that includes Pentapeptide-7, which works to promote glycosaminoglycans, elastin and collagen in the skin. Pentapeptides boost collagen while dual action copper peptides boosts while making space for the new collagen. If you're using a peptide serum, it would be more effective when used with a copper peptide as copper makes way for all the new collagen.

Peptides known for mimicking the skin's process of producing collagen, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 & Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 are in abundance in our Resilience Youthful Pep Mega Peptide Facial Serum. A potent peptide serum specific for the face and neck, RESILIENCE Youthful PEP Serum will exceed your expectations and won't let your skin down.

Ceramides maintain the all important lipid barrier while Palmitoyl Oligopeptide & Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 are praised for slowing collagen breakdown, so we added a Ceramide PEP Night Cream 

Protecting your skin is the most important step in keeping skin looking younger, longer. Besides the obvious necessity of sunscreen in any skin care routine, our Rejuvenate - Youthful Rebound Serum  contains popular plant extracts combined with the supercharged antioxidant, Astaxanthin (600 Times Stronger than Vitamin C). Our Rejuvenate Night Cream contains plant extracts, wakame bioferment, niacinamide and algae extract (seaweed keratin).

Sure, there other age defying ingredients that your skin will surely benefit from such as Retinol, Antioxidants, Glycolic and more but keep in mind that these ingredients focus on the surface. Peptides focus on the collagen and elastin fibers that provide strength and firmness just below the surface, resisting the outer signs of aging.