Watts Beauty MEGA PEPTIDE Wrinkle Serum with Tripeptides 3 & 5

$ 24.49

In our 20's, skin provides a smooth canvas that is resilient & supple with plenty of bounce back.

Watts Beauty Youthful PEP Serum

In our 40's, the deeper foundation layers that make up the skins strong structure have already begun to shift and the skins loose layers no longer offer the same PEP (bounce back) that they once had. These changes seem to appear overnight but they have actually been happening just below the surface for many years resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, thin, dry, loose, crepey skin.

Watts Beauty Resilience Youthful PEP MEGA Peptide Wrinkle Serum Other Key Ingredients Minus the Peptide Complex

Those of us blessed enough to reach our 80's rely on our thinning skin for protection from the many elements that bombard the skin daily.


But luckily, its the time in between our 20's & 80's
that matters most when it comes to giving our skin exactly what it needs to maintain its resilient, youthful appearance and Youthful PEP can help.
Watts Beauty Resilience Youthful PEP MEGA Peptide Wrinkle Serum Other Key Ingredients Minus the Peptide Complex

Besides the basics of hydrating, moisturizing & protecting your skin, potent peptide actives can help.


 Peptides alert the skin that it's time to make more collagen in the form of proteins, which are the fundamental building blocks of the skin. As we age, the amount of these proteins decrease and without these building blocks in place, skin doesn't remain firm and tones, which results in what we see on the surface in fine lines and wrinkles.


Watts Beauty took the popular original peptide serum complex blend and enhanced it with 2 of the most sought after peptides in the beauty industry and by celebrities.

They are Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5.

Learn more about peptides - what are peptides - how do peptides in skin care work and help the skin

Your skin loves it or we buy it back, period...

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*Truly a great company offering premium quality ingredients at affordable prices. I am 48 but people say that I look 35 - Beverly C. *Goodbye Clinique, Hello Watts Beauty - Susan A. *After seeing these peptides on Dr Oz, I had to give them a try. I am 70 years young and have used Watts Peptide Serum twice daily for a year. My skin feels and appears tighter and is glowing. I have received many compliments. I'm extremely happy with the results I am seeing daily with this product - Judy

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