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What Order Should I Apply My Skincare Products?

Below is your guide to applying skincare products for your day time and night time routines.

QUICK TIP: Always apply skin care in order of thinnest (serums) to thickest (creams & oils).

This order allows the potent active serums to absorb quickly, maximizing effectiveness while the thicker creams and oils lock in actives and moisture with a protective lipid barrier that helps maintain hydration and moisture levels. This in turn, helps keep skin plump and supple which encourages cell turn over & rejuvenation at the much faster pace of younger, supple skin.

Day Time Skin Care Order: 
Cleanse Skin, , Antioxidant Serum, Eye Cream, Acne Spot Treatment, Daytime Moisturizer, and Sunscreen. 

Night Time Skin Care Order: 
Remove Makeup, Cleanse Skin, Exfoliate Skin once - twice a week, Toner/Booster Serums, Eye Cream, Treatment Products with  Retinol and/or Anti-Aging Ingredients, and Nighttime Moisturizing Cream or Ultra Pure Argan Oil.

Skincare Application Tips: 

*Don't forget to wait until each product dries before applying the next one so that they properly absorb into your skin. (30-60 seconds)

*Apply thinnest to thickest and serums before creams.

*If your skin needs extra hydrating, you can apply a hydrating face oil such as Ultra Argan Oil prior to your night time moisturizer

*Pay attention to your skin and what it needs - you may not need to do every single step, every day or night. You don't want to over-treat it and risk irritating your skin. *Which believe me I have done before! Sometimes you may need to just keep it simple for the day: cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen.


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