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Video Tip: Want your deodorant to last all day?

Posted on August 13 2019

Yes, we have all had our deodorant either fail completely or stop working mid day.

WHY is this happening?
Don't fret, we are here to explain it and offer an easy solution.

There are many reasons for a deodorant to fall short of our expectations and many of these reasons are actually caused by our selection and application process. While everyone believes that slathering on a STRONGER solution is always better, this is simply not a fact with deodorant and we share why...

Most of us jump in the shower, jump out and quickly apply our deodorant without ever giving it a second thought. That is until mid day, when you don't feel as fresh or dry as you did earlier that day. Below are a few tips to staying fresher, longer.

1. Apply Deodorant to Dry Arm Pits. 

Sweat doesn't have a smell, period. The odor is emitted from trapped bacteria.

Applying deodorant to damp skin traps moisture enabling the bacteria both from the shower water and on your skin to replicate quickly. When trapped bacteria replicates quickly causing the "body odor" making you think that your deodorant is not quite strong enough to last all day so you buy a stronger deodorant. But is stronger, better? 

2. Try a Deodorant with a Weaker Active Ingredient.

Contrary to popular belief, stronger is not always better. Some active ingredients in antiperspirants simply do not render a pleasant smell when activated by our own bodies temperature rise, introduction of moisture from the pores of our sweat glands and mixture of the bacteria on our skin. So in this case, using a stronger active ingredient will only cause the reaction to render a more intense odor.

The typical active ingredient in an antiperspirant is 14% - 21% Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex. 

Try using the lowest percentage of 14% in an unscented or sport scent.
Also, no flower or sweet scents.

Money Saving Tip: Dial roll on antiperspirant /deodorant is available at the Dollar Tree in a crystal breeze scent with the lowest active ingredient of 14% so don't waste money on costly or clinical deodorants until you have tried these tips.

Use a deodorant / antiperspirant soap like dial gold along with ending your shower on cool to help close arm pit pores while giving your self a quick pick me up to start your day. 

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